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    Plug-ins for Aston



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    Desk top Calendar

    Author: Delimer

    Size: 69 Kb
    Downloads: 26620
    Rating: 8.33
    Comments: 7

    Calendar on desk top. You can add reminder at date. At this date reminder show bottom.




    mDisks 2

    Author: MAMOHT

    Size: 70 Kb
    Downloads: 44899
    Rating: 8.83
    Comments: 27

    The replacement for DisksEx plugin. This plugin allows you to add hdd, cdrom, flash and net drives icons to your desktop. When right-clicked the Explorer context menu is shown.
    PS. Russian folder contains russian version of plugin.

    Fixed bug with black infill bar
    Fixed bug with detecting network drives
    Added: customizable hints
    Added: action on open
    Now supports XP-style shadows and ClearType font smoothing
    Skin included




    Voice Tutorial for DeskClock v2.x

    Author: Rogert Gomez Ocano

    Size: 957 Kb
    Downloads: 14501
    Rating: 6.00
    Comments: 3

    How Building Resource-Only DLLs in Delphi for DeskClock Voice
    ( Updated to DesktopClock 2.x, see VoiceTut.txt for details )
    Rogert Gomez Ocano
    If you compile other talking language please share with other users.
    And please send one copy to my email:
    Name: Rogert Gomez Ocano
    Address: rgo[AT]eaaltu[DOT]hidro[DOT]cu

    Best Regards
    Rogert Gomez Ocano.




    Sticker 1.0

    Author: GS      HomePage

    Size: 84 Kb
    Downloads: 18285
    Rating: 9.00
    Comments: 8

    Sticker is a little plug-in which lets you keep your notes always at hand.
    Double click on the sticker or the corresponding item in the plug-in context menu lets you edit your notes.
    You can have any number of stickers you like - just right-click on it and select "Add sticker" option. Alternatively you can do it from the tray.
    You can set a few different skins on the "Skin" tab, so that you can have several stickers of different color on your desktop.
    Switching the frames is done on the middle click.
    In the future venison you will be able to make a sticker behave as a reminder - you can set time and date you need the sticker to appear on your desktop.
    The plug-in is skinnable, as usual.




    Net Traffic v1.4 Updated

    Author: GS

    Size: 12 Kb
    Downloads: 30938
    Rating: 7.47
    Comments: 21

    This plug-in allows you to monitor your input and output traffic in Mb. It also lets lets you see the traffic speed.
    Feel free to skin it!
    To install the plug-in, please, extract the archive to %AstonFolder%/Plugins/ folder. Then start Aston Options, select 'Plug-ins' tab and click on 'Add'. Browse for the needed plug-in.
    Start any *.apc file located in DefSkin folder in order to apply one of the available skins.




    DisksEx 1.1

    Author: GS      HomePage

    Size: 52 Kb
    Downloads: 21712
    Rating: 6.50
    Comments: 7

    What's new in 1.1 version:
    + The plugin code is totally rewritten;
    + Disk icons can be animated now (by means of ank and ankz)
    + Glass layer is added
    + ZOrder, transparency and locking of the disks icons can be altered now

    New ideas and wishes regarding the plug-in are welcome. You can either them mail the to support@.. or impement them yourself. :) The plug-in source code can be downloaded here.

    To install the plug-in, please, extract the archive to %AstonFolder%/Plugins/ folder. Then start Aston Options, select 'Plug-ins' tab and click on 'Add'. Browse for the needed plug-in.
    Start DiskEx.apc file located in the same folder in order to apply the skin displayed on the preview.




    AT ResMonitor

    Author: Midas

    Size: 23 Kb
    Downloads: 13389
    Rating: 7.00
    Comments: 5

    Simple taskbar plugin for showing CPU and RAM usage.




    VistaBTN v0.5 Updated

    Author: GS      HomePage

    Size: 19 Kb
    Downloads: 41467
    Rating: 7.71
    Comments: 32

    It's a new small plug-in, which allows to create Start button in order to call out the Main Menu. Its basic feature is that the button size can exceed the height (or width, if you're using Taskbar in the vertical position), just like in Windows Vista. It also supports animation. When using this plug-in, don't forget to disable your regular Start Button (go to Aston Options->Taskbar tab->Start button and leave all the fields void there). That plug-in was created on the idea of Krstazar, one of the most active community members. New ideas regarding this plug-in are welcome.




    zVolume 1.1 Updated

    Author: ZealotSix      HomePage

    Size: 78 Kb
    Downloads: 27141
    Rating: 8.44
    Comments: 16

    zVolume is a skinnable volume control for your desktop. It allows up to four volume sliders, including mute buttons. It comes with two skins, ice (pictured) and fire.

    zVolume has only been tested on Aston 1.9.2 running under Windows XP.
    Your mileage may vary, I make no promises of system compatibility.




    Kill Tips

    Author: Gladiators Software      HomePage

    Size: 1 Kb
    Downloads: 19897
    Rating: 6.80
    Comments: 5

    This plug-in is intended to disable all the tooltips of your Taskbar, toolbars, QLaunch Panel and Systray. If you find them really annoying - download it and get rid of all hints



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