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    Plain by Wayne Choy




    Size: 1 Kb
    Downloads: 9444
    Rating: 8.50
    Comments: 7

    Plain looking skin that works well with classic windows style.Put buttons on LeftTop setting.


    User comments

     Date: 10.09.2003
    Name: noizze
    Rate: 10

    I like it. And this skin is used by me often till the current moment...

     Date: 11.08.2004
    Name: Lee Zhang

    Fack! This is perfect :).

    Not because it is a beautiful design(it isn't) but because it is simple, uses little space(although it could trim a bit more off), and this is most important:
    The colors match the colors of most windows applications.

    This means that it will blend in with your windows applications.

    Trust me if you're reading a white document in Acrobat and there's this annoying blue bugger in the lower right corner it's gonna be distracting.

    Thank you very much :)
    Improvements: Left two arrow buttons should touch the mini taskbar. The taskbar buttons are redundant; Scanlines tell us which desktop we are on, and we can click on any part of a desktop taskbar to switch to it.

     Date: 02.05.2005
    Rate: 1

    This skin sucks. Bad boy.

     Date: 02.05.2005
    Rate: 10

    Ooh yeah. I love this skin. I want to wear it bad boy.

     Date: 03.19.2005
    Name: A. Whiteman
    Rate: 10

    The only AltDesk skin I really like. I overlay it over the title bar and it never gets in the way. Now using it on three computers. Nice work, Mr. Author!

     Date: 02.21.2007
    Name: Alan Cohen
    Rate: 10

    Simple, plain,


     Date: 01.16.2008
    Name: miguel
    Rate: 10

    I agree!!

    In most cases, the simplest thing becomes the better.

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