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    Spectrum v1.6 Update by Rogert Gomez Ocano


    Spectrum v1.6 Update

    Author: Rogert Gomez Ocano

    Size: 502 Kb
    Downloads: 23836
    Rating: 8.14
    Comments: 13

    Spectrum v1.6 2008 by Rogert Gomez Ocano
    Under "coding in free time" credo ;)
    21 Feb. 2008.

    Spectrum is a plugin for the alternate windows shell, Aston
    It will display a Spectrum Analyzer that follows
    the output of soundcard and displays itself on desktop.
    ---- o ----
    May be is not very useful,
    but it is really beautiful ;)

    It's not a comercial, it's just for fun and free :)


    User comments

     Date: 04.14.2007
    Name: krstatzar
    Rate: 10

    Thanks for this one it is absolutely fantastic :)

     Date: 04.14.2007
    Name: mus1k

    Erm... Wtf does it do?..

     Date: 04.15.2007
    Name: ahjefri

    ?? it did not work fine, I can see big use of it,,

     Date: 04.17.2007
    Name: Ian
    Rate: 10

    alright! *high five*

     Date: 04.26.2007
    Rate: 5

    On my ASUS P5B with HD-Audio
    it does NOT work.
    On work - it's working,
    but if very loud - all bands
    on hy - effect is falling down.

     Date: 05.09.2007
    Name: Xaos
    Rate: 7

    Very pretty, but would be more useful and cool if it functioned on line-out rather than line-in.

     Date: 05.27.2007
    Name: Romka

    It does NOT work.
    On C-Media AC97,
    Epox 8RDA3

     Date: 06.11.2007
    Rate: 8

    It's work.
    After watchig sources - i'm understand and moded it.
    For work - you must choose sound record source (sndvol32 -r).
    Could be better, if author will made it by plugin instead searching choosed by user (source code). But at all - it's pretty.

     Date: 06.15.2007
    Name: subscript
    Rate: 8

    mine didn't work, did what SEMION said to, now it's good! i just need some themed skins...

    I would like to set z-order to "always on top".
    Independent fall-off values for bands and peaks would be nice too.

     Date: 09.03.2007

    how can i use spectrum and associate with wmp 11

     Date: 01.24.2008
    Name: agSmith

    Do not work on my HD_Audio :(

     Date: 12.10.2008
    Name: Alejandro

    I couldnt make it work with input, just sync it with the record source, i dont get it, is it supposed to be that way?
    Cuz in your description it says output.

    someone plz explain :O

     Date: 12.12.2008
    Name: torukojin deshou
    Rate: 9

    whenever i choose mic input the most left bar always rises top while others almost showing slience..
    maybe it's because bass noise of case fans..
    well.. i want to disable only that band..not like it doesnt working, like it doent exists(i dont want to see a blank bar too..
    and could you explain those frame list thing in misc.section.

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