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    DeskClock v2.4 Beta by Rogert Gomez Ocano


    DeskClock v2.4 Beta


    Size: 1.2 Mb
    Downloads: 35151
    Rating: 8.00
    Comments: 16

    DeskClock v2.4 BETA 1 2008 by Rogert Gomez Ocano
    26 Mar. 2008.
    Russian translation by Alexander Kornienko.
    DesktopClock is a plugin for the alternate windows shell, Aston
    It will display a clock on the user's desktop.
    - Fully Skinable & Customizable.
    - Aston Secure Desktop compatible.
    - Transparency level and Ghost mode.
    - Up to 10 Alarms times with messages.
    - Z-Order code with "Always on top" and "Taskbar" mode.
    - Build-in Calendar.
    - 7 Days of the week can be set to start at Monday or Sunday.
    - Chimes every Hour.
    - Talking Clock. (English, French, German, Italian,
    Russian and Spanish Talk files included).
    - Tray Icon for easy access.
    - Day of Week.
    - Day and Night indicator.
    and much more...

    NEW! - Talking feature re-written anew for the requests of new languages.
    Thanks to: Gilles Guédikian (French)
    Ulrike Schleier (German)
    Alessio (Italian)
    Korney San (Russian)


    User comments

     Date: 02.23.2007
    Name: krstatzar
    Rate: 10

    Seems that you have nailed that bug
    works great so far :)
    Awesome work

     Date: 02.25.2007
    Rate: 10

    Nice, I really like this. :)

     Date: 03.21.2007
    Name: Sara Meyer

    Super !

     Date: 04.14.2007
    Name: dartanyan113
    Rate: 8

    Good, but where can we download it?

     Date: 05.25.2007
    Name: Laszcz
    Rate: 10


     Date: 06.12.2007
    Name: 秒秒

    GOOD,.`~I like this.!```-.-`

     Date: 06.19.2007
    Name: Stan
    Rate: 1

    when i try to load it, it says this is not an Aston plugin file.
    Have V1.9.2 Any reason?

     Date: 07.19.2007
    Name: William Justice
    Rate: 10

    I have noticed that if I activate the hourly chime and say time on the hour options, the chime sounds once, but the voice say the time, speaks the time twice. Has anyone else had this issue? Only started happening since I upgraded to Aston 1.95.

     Date: 07.21.2007
    Name: bobbychan
    Rate: 6


     Date: 08.07.2007
    Name: doomed
    Rate: 9

    almost perfect!

     Date: 01.15.2008
    Name: amit

    the thing itself is very nice but it would have been perfect if the alarm was actually working. i tried to put every music file i have and it wont work. maybe you have inbuild alarm, but i cant find it.. please help someone

     Date: 01.30.2008
    Name: Korney San

    You must put not every music file, but only WAV. Other formats is not supported yet => you should hear an internal alarm and see alarm message (if you've set it).

    I'll try to find an author and ask him for supporting other formats... ;)

     Date: 07.13.2008
    Name: ian

    I like it but I got a problem with it. I can't stop the alarm. It goes on forever, to stop it, I have to restart my system

     Date: 08.15.2008
    Name: Hanibal81

    when i try to load it, it says this is not an Aston plugin file.
    Have V1.9.2 Any reason?

     Date: 11.26.2008
    Name: FetFE
    Rate: 8

    Alarm clock is stay ON after 60 seconds. Alarm not disabled by double click on Desktop Clock Window. :(
    Alarm disabled only after Test Alarm Sound.

     Date: 12.14.2008
    Name: TKP
    Rate: 8

    Is there any way to get other talk files. I'd really like a female English voice.

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