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    zIP 2.0 by ZealotSix


    zIP 2.0

    Author: ZealotSix      HomePage

    Size: 268 Kb
    Downloads: 22044
    Rating: 7.43
    Comments: 10

    zIP 2.0 displays your external IP address on your Aston desktop. New features include skins, and multi-monitor support. Includes a skin pack, courtesy of krstatzar.


    User comments

     Date: 02.19.2007
    Name: krstatzar
    Rate: 10

    Awesome, your plugin rocks Z :)

     Date: 02.26.2007
    Name: Jing Quad Damage

    I doesn't want to load on 1.9.2. Anyone else having problems with this Plug-in?

     Date: 02.28.2007
    Name: ZealotSix

    I developed this using I would suggest upgrading your version of Aston to see if the problem persists. If you decide to upgrade, let me know if it resolves the issue or not. You can find my email in the readme.

     Date: 03.19.2007
    Name: SEMION
    Rate: 8

    If I'll add PROXY support to your plugin ?
    May I add my mail to "about" ?

     Date: 03.20.2007
    Name: dralien
    Rate: 5

    It doesnt wokr, It loads alright but it doesnt display any ip.
    just the blue skin, no ip.
    what a ashame

     Date: 04.13.2007
    Name: mus1k
    Rate: 10

    After 5 minutes managed to get it running. Thnx for a nice plug-in.

     Date: 05.17.2007
    Name: driderbait
    Rate: 8

    I am using 1.9.4 and do not seem to be getting the skin, just the ip (or timeout). Still a good plug. :) cheers

     Date: 08.07.2007
    Name: Bigll

    Doesn't work under 1.9.5 :-(

     Date: 09.03.2007
    Name: caparuni
    Rate: 1

    This file is not Aston plug-in

     Date: 05.14.2009
    Name: Tahir
    Rate: 10

    Stop work, what do it?

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