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    Ghost v0.3.1 by VAMPIRIO


    Ghost v0.3.1


    Size: 11 Kb
    Downloads: 34241
    Rating: 8.30
    Comments: 47


    User comments

     Date: 08.04.2003
    Rate: 8

    Sweet. Awsome. But, one thing. :D Maybe a stay on top setting also.

     Date: 08.27.2003
    Rate: 7

    nice, but i use 1600x1200 resolution on Athlon XP 1800+, 2x512Mb CL2 DDR-333 (dual channel), and GF4 Ti-4800SE 128Mb and damn it gets my system bloated sometimes! oO;

     Date: 11.07.2003
    Name: me

    Athlon sux.. use P4 orig intel. or MAC


     Date: 11.11.2003
    Name: davil
    Rate: 7

    Athlon doesn't suck. In fact runs quicker and better than P4 [we all know that] and them smelly MACs are only for n00bs with an inflated budget. However, all versions of unix kick Bill Gates' bum!!!!!!

     Date: 11.16.2003
    Rate: 10

    Its true, my athlon 1900 XP+ clocked at 1.6GHz will outperform an Intel P4 1.8GHz

     Date: 11.19.2003
    Rate: 5

    yep AMD rule INTEL suck the big one....

     Date: 12.07.2003
    Rate: 10

    intel blows, i used to have an intel and it lagged up all the time, my amd runs perfectly smooth. Intel is for n00bs who know nothing about computers.

     Date: 01.02.2004
    Name: möhp

    funny, thought comments were meant to be at least connected SOMEHOW with the plugin... ^^

    P.S.: AMD SuxX !!! Cuz they´re cheating people with their "Anynumber +" lables! If i want 3GHz, i WANT 3GHz, and not something that could, maybe, when youre on a lucky day, run somehow, in any way, or maby not, like 3GHz!

     Date: 01.14.2004
    Name: Drake
    Rate: 10

    Those "Anynumber +" labels indicate the speed of the cpu relative to other cpus (like intel). if you got a amd 1600+ you can be sure its almost as fast as a pentium 2000 or even fsater ;)

     Date: 01.15.2004
    Name: source

    Hi, when I close a window like msn, and turn it back on again the tranparency disappears. Is there a way to fix this?


     Date: 01.18.2004
    Rate: 10

    You AMD weirdos are so full of shit, I have an AthlonXP 1800+, its O/C'ed at 1.67Ghz and its still a pile of shit in compairision to a P4 2.6Ghz.. and don't go on about the reason being the extra 1Ghz, since thats your baseless argument for AMD anyway!.

     Date: 01.30.2004
    Name: Brian
    Rate: 10

    You guys are morons AMD is way faster then a p4. My AMD 2 GHz will outperform a p4 2.66 GHz and do you know why....
    Because p4's run at 6 tasks per cycle and AMD runs at 9 task per cycle. Do you see the difference...Intel doesn't clock the processor speed right because they are n00bs because as you can see GHz has nothing to do with speed. It's all about the number of tasks. Which is why AMD speeds are rated like 3000+. So shut up you moronic p4 lovers you haven't seen a real machine till you have used a AMD I know computers are what I do for a living. O by the way guys all you who know AMD is the best I give you mad props for not being ignorant. And by the way if you p4 guys dont belive me get sisoft sandra and clokc ur p4 agains't and AMD that has much lower GHz and I bet the AMD will still outperform your P.O.S.

     Date: 02.11.2004
    Name: Random Casualty
    Rate: 5

    Uhm, i was gunna download this plug-in, but i noticed there was no description, so i headed to the comments section for some hot tips advice...and OH! BIG SUPRISE, an off topic flooded message board!..MORONS discussing P4.VS.AMD! typical argument, so im gunna end it, If you buy a P4 (/w hyper-threading?) you DESERVE the shit box crap master overpriced machine you paid for, cuz your an idiot and as for u AMD users, stfu and STOP ARGUING! thier IDIOTS, dont even bother, thier as bad as mac users! Now for the love of god, will someone god damn well tell me what this friggen plugin is supposed to do??

     Date: 02.12.2004
    Name: mult
    Rate: 10

    Plugin - cool.
    Athlon - rules.
    Windows - must die.

     Date: 02.15.2004
    Name: outsider
    Rate: 5

    Sounds like a bunch of children arguing over a toy. Get real. Take your pissing and moaning to a forum that's meant for it. Those of us that would like to know about this plugin don't appreciate all this BS. I guess since all you can do is make derogatory remarks about a chip, you are hurting the author of this plugin's work worthless since no one can find a brain cell to talk about the correct topic. GROW UP! Talk about the topic, not your personal misgivings.

    What is this plugin for, and is it any good for that purpose?

     Date: 02.25.2004
    Rate: 8

    Nice plugin...

    As far as AMD vs. Intel, it depends on the APPLICATION of the processors. IMHO, it doesn't matter whether you are using an AMD or an Intel if the only programs you run on it are office software. For gaming? Depends on the game. From what I've seen, Intel processors are superior for OpenGL, while AMD do an excellent job with Direct3D. AMD also does floating point at a much higher rate. The point is, it depends what you use your processor for. As a programmer, I have used both Intel and AMD processors and get about equal results with the same compiler. I run both AMD and Intel processors on my home network of 5 computers. Yes, I am a high school student... no, I am not a n00b...

     Date: 02.25.2004
    Name: panish
    Rate: 5

    i find it is good things for me!yeah!

     Date: 02.26.2004
    Name: TheDude

    This plugin allows users to give program windows transparency.

    Zel is correct, it depends upon application to a large degree. One thing I'll say about the P4 however - 'barell switches' who's idiotic idea was it to not include these anymore.

     Date: 03.06.2004
    Name: hahah
    Rate: 10

    great plugin...

    except , AMD's run shit slow compared to Pentium 4's ... and it doesnt depend on the application.

    anyone seen the athlon xp vs pentium 4
    clip where the guy takes off the fan on both cpu's...

    the pentium = 80 degree's celcius
    the athlon = 400 degree's celcius... hmmmmmmmmmm?

     Date: 03.12.2004
    Name: lmmfao
    Rate: 6

    Well glad I read that as I was *just* about to remove the fan from my CPU.
    You bloody dropkick...

     Date: 03.30.2004
    Rate: 10

    well yeah, wtf you wanna be stuck in the 32 bit rutt your whole life?? as for the mac dissing, blah dont care much for macs but atleast they're evolving they're archetecture beyond the same damm old x86cisc chips. risc is where its at. for your proc fights, i would give my vote the amd, even though i use pent. amd rules on the flaoting points. still dont know wtf this plugin is for.


     Date: 04.20.2004
    Name: andetus

    is anyone gonna talk about the plug lol


    intel == better, asuming you a)to lazy to build your own pc b) do nothing more advanced then email
    amd runs cooler and faster for me (corse all i do is play 3d heave games using both opengl and directdraw along with movies and all that, but my frame rate is better with the amd xp) oh and before anyone says it, i used the same crappy hardware with both processers

     Date: 05.14.2004
    Name: amdaddict
    Rate: 10

    p4 suck!!! amd is better

     Date: 05.28.2004
    Name: MaloPalAgeŽ

    jojojojo, P4 users sox and their stupids P4 procesors too... AMD rulz. it's cheaper & more quick ^^
    intel is asleep, and i wish its life and no dead, WHY? competence will create more powerful technology... but now enjoy the AMD age :D

     Date: 06.10.2004
    Name: Rambo

    come on dude, teh athlon 64's are also designed to run on 32 bit systems, and tehy manage to run very fast on them. And also You never mentioned what athlon 64? Theres a few, like the athlon 64 2800, up to the 3400, and the the fx series thing that rips any p4 apart.
    But nayway, as 1 guy said earlier the stupid nub should research some more before he bothers to take his penis out of his p4 heatsink.
    The fact is, people follow the rends, i.e with grpahics too, now everyone is starting to relaise the readdy's are the daddys, all i cna say is role on x800 xt platinum. I'll stick with the athlons thanks, i have a budget!

     Date: 06.27.2004
    Name: pope

    we still don't know what this plug in does.

    offtopic amd:the number is a performance rating, you would know that IF you looked at computers for the last ten years. (btw intel is planning same thing)
    also, the 64bit processor is makin intel go mad, their sales are droppin like bombs in iraq.
    And their are enough programs that run 64bit. Only windows doesn't.

    ontopic, this might be a good plugin, but a description on what it does.

    Please have in mind, P4 users are people who think the more advertisement they make for a product the better it gets. amd however prefers to spend time on develloping, this way they are able to make a 64bit processor, while intel can't get rid of there p4's

     Date: 08.10.2004
    Name: pope

    I still don't know what this does, will anyone please answer that question and then lock this thingy

     Date: 08.16.2004
    Name: Advertisement

    You´ll probably know this one:

    But still I think it´s better than losing time reading these useless comments.

     Date: 08.18.2004
    Name: Normal Person

    OK. All you people that are ranting on about different processors, using highly opinionated comments, such as "AMD Sux", "Intel is for n00bs" etc., go out and get a life.

    In response to "pope", the question has been answered before, but here it is again. It allows W2k and XP to make an application partially transparent.

     Date: 08.31.2004
    Name: this is my comment to those comments
    Rate: 10


     Date: 09.02.2004
    Name: raff

    none of the cpu`s sux... and btw its a board for talkin bout the plugins not what cpu is better...what do u think bout the plugin people ??

     Date: 09.08.2004
    Name: ddh
    Rate: 8

    Unlike the other people here, I am going to post some comments related to the plugin.

    This is a very nice plugin that allows you to put windows on top and/or transparent. It works well for me, though I haven't used it much. One thing that was unclear was how to use the shift and control keys properly. I will attempt to help others with my information..

    Regular clicking on try icon and selecting a task will make that task on top and transparent.

    Holding shift and clicking on the icon will make the selected window transparent.

    Holding control and clicking will make it on top.

    From the instructions it seems like you are supposed to hold these keys when selecting the window, and not clicking the icon.

    Btw, amd > intel. :)

     Date: 10.05.2004
    Name: amd vs intel

    discussing on the internet is like paralympics. even if you win your still retarded
    take yourself this discussion as an example

     Date: 12.11.2004
    Name: h2o

    This site is for kids. Amazing how anyone can discuss AMD and Intel. If I didnt know I would believe it was my 7 years old son argueing with one of his friends... Guys - grow up !!
    What about plugin ?

     Date: 02.03.2005
    Name: WHaaaa
    Rate: 8

    LMFAO.... Right on ". .".....
    I reckon they prolly don't even know what "laid" means....

     Date: 02.16.2005
    Name: ...
    Rate: 8

    I'll say this once.
    Amd? Good Processor. Cheaper than Intel by a landslide, and comparable performance.
    Intel? Didn't invent MMX, but managed to
    tie AMD up in lawsuits for too long.

    Sparc? Thats where my money is. 64bit Processors for 64 bit systems on a 64bit OS, and has been doing it for years.

    Who cares about widows or macintosh. I use aston because it gets me a little bit closer to that x-windows feel. If I could play half the games I own on my Sparc workstation or on my linux boxes, I'd chuck the windows machine along with all its hardware.

    You want the future in performance?

    Looking Glass is going to blow Longhorn out of the water.

     Date: 03.07.2005
    Rate: 10

    Meanwhile, while were talking about "relevant" topics...

    Consectetuer adipiscing elit. Aliquam ultrices nunc eu felis. Curabitur id augue non ligula nonummy feugiat. Suspendisse potenti. Duis ac velit at felis sagittis luctus. Morbi consectetuer lectus eget lacus. Vivamus sed mi. Duis lobortis aliquet ipsum. Quisque quis turpis sit amet purus ultricies feugiat. Proin est enim, dignissim non, placerat sit amet, cursus ut, ante. Donec posuere, ante et facilisis tristique, leo lorem tempor diam, id ultrices purus nisl vulputate mi. Quisque accumsan lectus facilisis erat. Mauris consequat, urna a cursus pellentesque, sem nunc feugiat dolor, ut tempus nisl libero sit amet diam. Integer sit amet tellus id lectus eleifend porttitor.

    Ut feugiat nisl a magna. Nullam ante quam, eleifend ac, posuere eu, fringilla ut, dui. Mauris porta, purus vitae rhoncus tempus, tellus odio lacinia leo, at ultricies nisl neque et purus. Vivamus diam lacus, ultricies ut, tempus ac, commodo et, nibh. Donec porttitor ante sed wisi. Donec tincidunt turpis in quam blandit commodo. Sed tempus, ante vel sagittis euismod, neque quam ultricies libero, imperdiet accumsan ligula urna ut tellus. Aliquam imperdiet. Morbi laoreet dapibus est. Donec enim massa, hendrerit ac, aliquet feugiat, sodales ac, pede. Nullam ullamcorper. Vivamus a lacus at pede fringilla bibendum. Quisque sed erat et wisi pellentesque rhoncus. Proin mi sapien, pulvinar at, placerat vel, posuere id, velit. Maecenas quam. Duis ut metus sit amet mauris facilisis aliquet. Donec tempus metus sit amet nulla congue malesuada. Pellentesque habitant morbi tristique senectus et netus et malesuada fames ac turpis egestas. Curabitur non nibh. Duis sodales adipiscing eros.

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    Sed ornare pretium felis. Donec commodo lectus sit amet arcu. Cras ac ipsum eget sapien tincidunt commodo. Morbi consectetuer. Proin vitae metus. Nunc vel mauris. Cras suscipit. Aliquam erat volutpat. Aliquam erat volutpat. Phasellus quis libero. Nam accumsan purus a elit. Morbi nisl magna, fringilla ac, tempor vitae, ornare vel, justo. Maecenas lacinia dignissim quam. Vivamus ut ipsum in magna suscipit venenatis. Vivamus rhoncus, lacus at convallis hendrerit, dui felis tincidunt erat, in dictum sem libero mattis mi. Quisque sodales venenatis tortor. Proin tempor posuere pede. Etiam pretium lorem in neque. Quisque et libero a tortor blandit venenatis. Phasellus hendrerit magna et felis.

     Date: 04.08.2005
    Name: CALM DOWN

    calm down people you guys also have to realize that both intel and amd have their pros and cons. And you should also respect others opinions. plus if they don't think your right after the first 2 or 3 posts then they won't think you are right so get over it!

     Date: 04.13.2005
    Name: none
    Rate: 7

    Lorem ipsum doler sit amet...

    and for the plugin: nice work, but has anybody really find it usefull?

     Date: 04.20.2005
    Name: Performer

    Haha! Been reading this. So, why is an AMD user an idiot? Why is a P4 user as idiotic? The real idiots is those who use the sparetime sitting in front of their computers whit fights about what´s best. I use AMD. It runs fine. Its just what i need. But i would´n call a p4 user or a mac user an idiot. A mac user use mac probably because it fits his furniture, and that,s nothing wrong with that. It only proofs that he has another life outside the computer. So have I. You can call me an idiot, while i´m at the pub having fun with my friends and kissing butifule girls. I dont care.. I have a life.

    And the plugin is okey..

     Date: 05.19.2005
    Name: haha

    what a bunch of geeks, no use arguing about this, since none of you actually developed amd or pentium, you just bought the thing, so why are you taking so much 'pride' for it anyway? AMD and Pentium both have their advantages/disadvantages, but its a fact that AMD is currently the market-leader (or whatever the word is) and that its faster in speed. However Intel is still faster in video processing for example.

    Anyway, good plugin, really usefull to me :)

     Date: 05.27.2005
    Rate: 9

    Fine plugin. very useful. doesn't use up all the resources like other similar apps. Congrats to the author.
    Regarding amd vs. p4... whatever. Had both... Worked just fine. The high end niche: AMD has the upper hand for now.
    The entry level niche: Intel was and is better (remember Durons? Icky disgusting). On the other hand, the basis of the comparison is Windows...mainly. If you compared the two processors using other OS's that don't eat up all your system resources, it would be very hard to find major differences, as you will hardly reach the limits of performance (try BEos... that thing reaches killer speed even on machines with processors under 1GHz and RAM under 256).
    From the AMD vs. Intel competition there will be only one winner: the user. I am glad that AMD makes progress, because this will scare the crap out of Intel and, maybe soon, they will progress aswell.

     Date: 06.19.2005
    Name: infotech

    OMG you stupid kids,

    poeple should be looking more at tom's
    (or for dutch)

    seams the kiddies over here, are just plian stupid,
    I've been a IT-Profesional for about 10years, and had myselfe an AMD K6 and later athon 800 way before most of you probebly even knew amd even existed.
    ive even had chat with some of the AMD folks on a techchat about 2 years ago,

    and as expericenced user of both AMD Intel and Powermac cpu's there is realy only 1 thing to say, all 3 of these cpu's have there own pro's and cons,

    the time that amd runs at temp of molten lava is long past gone, (by the way, today its inter (+3ghz) that gets realy hot,
    Currently its intel though that have the most power-efisient cpu (the intel mobile) but amd has the best dualcore structure, but the powermac is stil (in my opinion way better at for exame multimedia)

    but realy, - fighting about it is lame,
    and probebly way off-topic,

     Date: 08.30.2005
    Name: vvp
    Rate: 10

    Cool plugin!
    And about AMD vs Intel: Intel is about to(and they'll do it for sure) implement in all of their new processers uniqe ids, which allows to track every move you do in your computer(installing software, surfing web etc). That was(or will be) made for Microsoft software tracking(like they said "to fight spam") and maybe for some governments purpuses("to fight terrorizm"). So if you buy Intel get ready to be tracked down! And if you do some bad things(like sending too much letters) or, for example, searching illegal contents(like cracks or Al-Kaeda's web page) get ready to see a bunch of policemens knocking at your door in a couple of hours...
    If you dont trust my words, you may search some info in web and proove it to yourself. Honetsly, I dont remember where i saw that info, it was a month or two ago on some it-news site...
    PS Sorry for my bad English, its not my native language.

     Date: 10.07.2005
    Name: ST
    Rate: 8

    a little question,what does "ctrl- Shift-" mean?

     Date: 03.19.2007
    Name: Sonsum

    You all need to please stick to topic, I am a Junior Higher and I know that. It is hard to find some actual info on this plugin on this AMD vs Intel board. If you guys want to know which is better, I dunno, you might want to use this cool new thing on the web, its called Google (you can find it at

     Date: 12.11.2007
    Name: Hathos

    "ctrl- Shift-" means, Hold your <ctrl> button and press your <shift> button (while still holding <ctrl>).

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