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    Aston vs WA by Serge Borissenko


    Aston vs WA

    Author:      HomePage

    Size: 50 Kb
    Downloads: 41811
    Rating: 8.25
    Comments: 10

    Winamp remote control with playlist


    User comments

     Date: 10.21.2003
    Rate: 10

    im impressed

     Date: 12.26.2003
    Name: xtml
    Rate: 1

    cuz i cant understand what version of Winamp it prefers?!

     Date: 01.19.2004
    Name: Temka
    Rate: 9

    Works great for me.
    Got WinAmp 5

     Date: 01.28.2004
    Name: Yellow-Snow

    ... How can you change the color of the buttons?

     Date: 01.30.2004
    Name: killdadj
    Rate: 10

    very useful plugin, although it isnt really essential for me, as i keep a winamp in my system tray, but its a nice handy plugin to have around on the desktop :)

     Date: 02.11.2004

    How are you?

     Date: 02.21.2004
    Rate: 9

    Overall, extremely good plugin. I use mIRC to hide winamp, so this makes controlling it alot easier. Plus, it just plain looks pretty :)

    Two suggestions:
    1) When you right click to get the playlist, it would be nice if it had the song time beside the titles.

    2) It could use a button on it to toggle its 'stay on top of all windows' mode. When Im using basic stuff, like internet explorer or whatever, I enjoy having it on top, but its a pain when I want to play a game and its fighting to stay on top.

    Even without those two ideas, this is likely the most useful plugin I have ever downloaded for any program.

     Date: 04.02.2005
    Name: aarrtteemm
    Rate: 9

    Good and usefull plugin. Accessing winamp's playlist in one right-mouse-click -- is great. But, really, how to change button colors?

     Date: 04.07.2005
    Rate: 10

    To change colors and even look of buttons make your own skin for them.
    Create bitmap with desired buttons - 8 buttons with dimensions 10x8 each. 2 sets of buttons (ordinal\mouse over)following one after another. Order of buttons is as they are on the screen.
    In result must be bitmap with dimensions 160x8.
    Then go to plugin settings (skin for button) and choose just created skin.
    That's all :)

    p.s. rate is [10] coz I love it ;)

     Date: 08.14.2005
    Name: BMW320Cabrio
    Rate: 8

    Simple but cool!

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