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    Disks by Gladiators Software



    Author: Gladiators Software      HomePage

    Size: 8 Kb
    Downloads: 103450
    Rating: 7.14
    Comments: 33

    Disks - plugin that shows disks space status on your desktop.


    User comments

     Date: 05.13.2003
    Name: inti


     Date: 05.15.2003
    Name: THOR
    Rate: 5


     Date: 05.20.2003
    Name: Li Chen
    Rate: 5

    For some reasons, this plug-in crashes during start up.

     Date: 06.10.2003
    Name: Shoeknot
    Rate: 8

    Good work buddy! I have no problems with it

     Date: 06.14.2003
    Name: mikaelus
    Rate: 9

    Veeery nice... :D

     Date: 06.30.2003
    Rate: 9

    i would have given it a ten but i cant seem to figure out how to move it around and have it where i want on my desktop

     Date: 08.16.2003
    Name: I can't speak English......
    Rate: 8

    Nice plugin, but......
    disk space display separator symbol should be "." not ","!!!

    my disk is 1.56GB, now become 1,56GB!!!
    OH MY GOD!!! It's really MAGIC!!!

     Date: 09.05.2003

    Doesn't seem to support mapped network drives

     Date: 09.26.2003
    Rate: 5

    The first one was nice, but I can't se how a second - or third! acn be configured for other drives????????

     Date: 10.10.2003
    Rate: 10

    Works a treat, auto detected each n every drive, nice

     Date: 10.15.2003
    Name: Azazel
    Rate: 8


     Date: 10.20.2003
    Name: lightside

    Seems great

     Date: 11.23.2003
    Name: nakaiy
    Rate: 6

    It want it to show removable USB drives... :(

     Date: 12.08.2003
    Name: DK

    good work

     Date: 12.11.2003
    Name: Rico
    Rate: 4

    BUG - I have a laptop with an monitor attached. I use this monitor as part of a dual display in XP. When I moved the C: Drive icon to the second display (my laptop's screen), the icon disappeared!!
    I deleted the plugin and reinstalled but the C: Drive is nowhere to be found :-(

     Date: 02.29.2004
    Name: qanon

    the world swaps the use of , and . in numbers, or atleast most of th eworld

     Date: 04.23.2004
    Name: Forgotten One

    I Like IT!!
    Nice job!

     Date: 04.28.2004
    Name: De-Style
    Rate: 10

    It's good Job. I Like it :))

     Date: 05.09.2004
    Name: Katorga

    It's Very good. I like it.

     Date: 05.13.2004
    Name: nettn

    anyone wanna explain how i put on more then 1 drive.
    i can only see the C drive :s

     Date: 06.17.2004
    Name: Tobi_Wan

    my aston crashes, if i activate the plugin, for a few seconds it shows some of my drives, but then the desktop turns light blue and opens ? window with my files, all other navigation disapears! i have to go to the a master. exe, and disable the plugin, after that, i have to press crtl+alt+delete and log off. if i relog, all went back to normal. what's wrong?

     Date: 06.18.2004
    Name: Henrik
    Rate: 5

    crashes aston here too. please come up with a fix. for now I am using the plugin for objectdock, but I'd rather position them somewhere else on the desktop which is why I would have liked this plugin.

     Date: 06.20.2004
    Rate: 5

    Looks great, works straight out of the box, but can't be repositioned so that limits functionality, especially within a desktop customiztion application. Dur.

     Date: 06.25.2004
    Name: Monstar
    Rate: 7

    is there a possibility to show network drives?

     Date: 10.14.2004
    Name: Berserk
    Rate: 8

    Nice! But may I suggest something ? I would like to see something like "Lock", like many other Aston plugins and also that we can configure the distance between the icons (both vertically and/or horizontally). That would be great. Thanks :P

     Date: 10.23.2004
    Name: Moita
    Rate: 7

    Very good pluggin, works pretty fine here...
    but i agree with berserk, it should have some position options on it. Add a lock mode and a (X,Y) position system on the plugin (so we can put it it anywere we whant on the desktop) would make it a rate 10 pluggin :)

     Date: 11.07.2004
    Name: Lipe
    Rate: 8

    I had a problem, can someone help me?
    I can't change the colors of the words of the disks, how can i change it?
    besides, nice work on that buddy!

     Date: 11.07.2004
    Name: Lipe
    Rate: 9

    Hey I've figured it out, the only problem is a lock/unlock =]]

     Date: 12.05.2004
    Name: J

    how i can remove one drive. i have 4 drives but i want see only 3 of my drives.

     Date: 04.02.2005
    Name: Magikus
    Rate: 9

    nice plug in works great

     Date: 04.26.2005

    hmm... very nice plugin... but i need my network drives to be displayed too... can you do it? :) mfg STeF

     Date: 04.08.2006
    Name: artful-xtra
    Rate: 7

    Yeah, it's useful a X,Y coordinates and network unit, but is useful an alpha support too.

     Date: 05.30.2006
    Name: Jeff Singleton
    Rate: 5

    Looks good, but lots of default Drive Letter are OFF SCREEN. Needs to have drive letter icon locations settings.

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