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    Ghost by Gladiators Software



    Author: Gladiators Software      HomePage

    Size: 3 Kb
    Downloads: 55609
    Rating: 6.75
    Comments: 16

    Ghost window - plugin that allows you to set up windows transparency. (Win-2000 and Win-XP only)
    This plugin is not recommended for old video cards.


    User comments

     Date: 05.22.2003
    Rate: 9

    V good. It could be improved my having an option to make all windows transparent. V nice code. Good work.

     Date: 06.12.2003
    Rate: 8

    very nice , nice idea. it turns very slow when running IE.

     Date: 06.24.2003
    Name: ASublimeDookie
    Rate: 8

    great idea but i cant figure out how to use it. someone wana help me out?

     Date: 06.24.2003
    Name: ASublimeDookie
    Rate: 6

    well i figured it out...not that cool but on the right track. you should give the option to make the inactive windows go transparent instead of having to select every window that you want to go transparant.

     Date: 11.03.2003
    Name: Spoony
    Rate: 8

    Yes it would rock it you could have a setting to only use it for all inactive windows, thats all I would use it for.

    Very nice :)

     Date: 01.12.2004
    Name: Prachi Sinha
    Rate: 7


    I have a small request. I would like the authors to include a setting
    option so that only the task area or workspace of windows are made
    transparent. The titlebars, menubars, toolbars, statusbars... be left


     Date: 01.16.2004
    Name: source

    Hi, when I close a window like msn, and turn it back on again the tranparency disappears. Is there a way to fix this?


     Date: 01.30.2004
    Name: killdadj
    Rate: 8

    pretty good, but it like kills ur pc when u set transparency to large windows, ie opera/shell windows.
    i like it though, fun plugin to play with and makes ur desktop/windows look cooler :p

     Date: 02.09.2004
    Name: slajerek
    Rate: 5

    should remember windows transparency after closing/again opening them. i'm using it only for putty or other shells (like cmd.exe) and it looks pretty cool, like linux

     Date: 03.15.2004
    Name: Xien

    I haven't downloaded this yet, because I'm on a school comp. But I think that it looks cool, I'll check it out once I get home.


    "Date: 01.16.2004
    Name: source
    Comment: Hi, when I close a window like msn, and turn it back on again the tranparency disappears. Is there a way to fix this?


    I think that's on purpose, because the MSN window is the one that you're then 'working' on, and I personally would not want to have it at 1/2 opacity...)

     Date: 03.25.2004
    Rate: 7

    First, I am very impressed with Aston. I will register it, if by the 30 day trial I find that everything I use works fine. :) You guys are great!

    I like the Ghost plug-in. But, if you all have nothing better to do *grin* I have some suggestions/requests.

    I would love it if when you left clicked on a window that the window would be transparent while the left mouse button was down, and return to no transparency when the left mouse button was up.

    A right mouse menu option to "sticky" a window transparent would be wonderful as well.

    I don't know if either of these suggestions are possible, but I know if I don't ask...

    Thanks again for a superb product.


     Date: 04.15.2004
    Name: alephK
    Rate: 9

    Good feature.. i tried to put the default windows shell (prompt) in the ghost mode but didnt work.. there is some way to do this?

     Date: 02.21.2005
    Name: szalony

    Sorry but, I don`t know, how to activate it. Ive turned it on, set the transparency, but it doesn`t work, and why?

     Date: 03.02.2005
    Rate: 1

    dont work X(

     Date: 03.07.2005
    Rate: 5

    It would be nice to include how to use it... I can't figure it out...

     Date: 10.15.2005
    Name: MunSeong

    well, its nice...
    but it doesnt automatically make all windows transparent all the time, the next time u open, it turns to normal windows
    it's troublesome to turn on the ghost windows everytime then

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