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    VertPanel by Gladiators Software



    Author: Gladiators Software      HomePage

    Size: 8 Kb
    Downloads: 53070
    Rating: 9.25
    Comments: 9

    Vertpanel - is the vertical fully customizable sets of items on the desktop. It's like the Toppanel plugin.


    User comments

     Date: 05.20.2003
    Name: Li Chen
    Rate: 8

    It works for me, but I prefer the 'default' skin to be transparent.

     Date: 09.30.2003
    Name: D

    The idea is good, but i have no idea how to add items...

     Date: 10.08.2003
    Name: Raoul Snidjik

    Once you get this plug-in set up right, it's really very nice.

    To add items, just right-click while hovering on the menu itself.

    I used Paint to reduce by 80% the width of the bitmaps for the subitems. This way, it's easier to distinguish subitems from main items.

     Date: 10.11.2003
    Name: Raoul Snidjik

    I'm using his plug-in with the icon bitmaps from the Desktop Panel plug-in. It gives a much smoother, classier appearance. My theme is one of the Aqua themes; I forget which.

     Date: 07.16.2006
    Name: Peter Ferris

    With version 1.9.2 the Change option seems to have disappeared...

     Date: 09.05.2006
    Name: sauron

    Ye, change option is gone.. Mybe a update of this plugin?

     Date: 10.05.2006
    Name: Rincewind the Great Wizzard ;)
    Rate: 10

    Hey there!

    I was having the same problem with VertPanel and Aston 1.9.2 -- no 'Change' option, no way to edit VertPanel besides messing around with the plugins.rc file itself (NOT for the faint of heart). But then I noticed that you can access the panel's editing menu through the plugin's properties, and it seems that it was always there (ie, this "strategy" also works with other plugins like TopPanel). It's just not that self-evident as the 'Change' option in the right-click (context) pop-up menu.

    In other words, to access the editing menu you'd get with 'Change', do the following:
    1 - right-click on VertPanel (or highlight VertPanel in Aston Master's plugins list)
    2 - select 'Setup Plug-in'
    3 - in that menu, directly below the 'Settings' header, click the box to the right of 'Panel Items'. It should have some text ending in 'VertItems'.
    4 - it becomes a textbox with a sort of a [...] icon next to it. Click on THAT and there it is. The good ol' editing menu.

    Like I said, not self-evident, makes you take a few unneeded turns (please, please, please, SOMEBODY add the freakin' 'Change' option to the context menu already), but it's still there.


     Date: 10.12.2006
    Name: E.Wever
    Rate: 10

    It is perfict

     Date: 01.15.2008
    Name: Atallah
    Rate: 9

    Can we get the source?

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