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    Classic Windows by ThyPentacle


    Classic Windows

    Author: ThyPentacle

    Size: 181 Kb
    Downloads: 16417
    Rating: 7.78
    Comments: 13

    Classic Windows Aston theme (based on Win98 SE)
    Nice clean no frills interface for all the classic Windows fans out there
    Any screen rez.


    User comments

     Date: 02.23.2003
    Name: yo

    not bat but i mean WTF Y MAKE A WINDOWS THEME AN WINDOWS!!!!!!!

     Date: 03.31.2003
    Name: Yeti
    Rate: 1

    Why installing aston? To get rid of da boring MS looks.

    Why making a theme to make it look just like jah running under windows again?

     Date: 05.08.2003
    Rate: 10

    I like it alot....Haven't installed Aston yet....I am hoping that it is indeed more stable than the windows theme, as I have a wimpy box that I have to do 3D modeling and rendering on. Don't need or want a bunch of confusing whistles and bells. Less is long as it has the same functionality of the windows desktop.

    I shall give Aston a whirl...and if it works as claimed yours will be the skinn I use.

    Thanks for the nice work!


     Date: 09.15.2003
    Name: eric
    Rate: 10

    you guys are morons. part of the reason for using aston is that it is cleaner and more stable than explorer.exe. this skin should have come standard with aston, and i'll probably end up using it.

     Date: 01.01.2004
    Name: Methuselah
    Rate: 2

    Yeah well part of the reason might be that aston IS better then windows, but mainly the reason is because aston is also visually and functionally better then windows. Windows sux period and anything looking like windows sux also.

     Date: 03.26.2004
    Name: tranzit
    Rate: 10

    i found it! thanx :)

     Date: 04.20.2004
    Name: Yellowman
    Rate: 10

    I like Aston a ton!! FOr my personal desktop I use something extravagant but for the business PC and if we decide to deploy aston then it's gotta be something basic like this theme. I appreciate the work put in and remember one man's trash is another man's treasure.

    Communicate your opinion without name calling next time and be taken a bit more seriously.

     Date: 09.19.2004
    Rate: 10

    It is excellent working desk top. takes advantage of aston speed and small memory foot print. Good Job!

     Date: 11.30.2004
    Name: fleppskalle

    Just for reference, People me for instance, use aston because it is more stable than explorer, not because it looks different.

     Date: 02.13.2005
    Name: Simon

    Dont listen to the 14 year old "yay-I-can-use-a-f-worf-without-getting-detention" kids. I was quite mad to click thru more than 30 pages of Harry Potter and Matrix crap until I found this one. Nice work!

     Date: 04.02.2005
    Rate: 8

    Amen, Simon. Little pricks. They love to cuss, it gives them "status" amongst their peers, I suppose. Whatever, I like the theme and I'm the center of the universe and therefore whatever I say goes. Whatever the 14-year-old says matters very little to me. I think it is good and so therefore it is. Lmao, it was fun to be a conceded twat for those last few lines. I'm done now.

     Date: 04.21.2008
    Name: koloR
    Rate: 9

    Yes I love You man, I was looking for this skin for like half na hour, and i almost was afraid nobody made it.
    I'll use it becouse becouse it is simpla and stable... its pure Power for Me..Thank a lot ThyPentacle

     Date: 12.30.2009

    It's stupid mod. Why do you created it??? It's <MOB>

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