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    Red Alert by krstatzar


    Red Alert

    Author: krstatzar      HomePage

    Size: 1.10 Mb
    Downloads: 13622
    Rating: 9.75
    Comments: 8

    This is Aston 1.9.x port of my Aston2 Menu and Panels theme and I think it turned out quite good.
    Inspired by Red Alert 3 visit

    It is made for all resolutions has many nice plugins skins and I hope you'll like it.

    It is even better if you combine it with RedAlert Aston2 Menu matching skin which can be get here

    Full screenshot here


    User comments

     Date: 02.19.2009
    Name: red
    Rate: 9

    nICE wORK

     Date: 02.19.2009
    Name: LILI
    Rate: 10

    wow! Red Alert hive still have this game "i love this theme".

     Date: 02.20.2009
    Rate: 10

    Haha nice work Krstatzar! I like it!

     Date: 02.21.2009
    Name: MASTER Q
    Rate: 10

    WOW ! this is real nice work

     Date: 02.22.2009
    Rate: 10

    Great work. But for dayly use I'd prefer something grey.

     Date: 03.01.2009
    Name: Ylotan
    Rate: 9

    Theme is great, but how about recycle bin on the desktop?
    It would be perfect with the recycle bin that has trash indicator!

     Date: 03.05.2009
    Rate: 10

    Wow! This has got incredible style! Very consistent throughout. Killer wallpaper, too!

     Date: 03.10.2010
    Rate: 10

    this is a kick ass theme jsut like ur Astron 2 theme

    job well done 5 out of 5

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