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    Lillies v2 by Abi_J


    Lillies v2

    Author: Abi_J      HomePage

    Size: 921 Kb
    Downloads: 12993
    Rating: 8.60
    Comments: 9

    Elegant red element frames working against a background of pink lillies on black.

    Updated version, moved disks to left side of the screen & switched to mdisks plugin (I have many drives installed),
    moved the clock up and added spectrum and astamp below.

    Resolution: 1024x768, other resolutions in a future release.
    Uses the following plugins...
    Dskpanel.plg, aMonitor.plg, AClock.plg, panel.plg, AstAmp.plg, Spectrum.plg, mdisks.plg

    Please comment so I can see where I need to focus on updates and so I can improve my skills, thanks,


    User comments

     Date: 02.19.2008
    Rate: 9

    This turned out great :)

     Date: 02.20.2008
    Name: Killuminati
    Rate: 10

    Great work, wish i was this good at beveling :p

     Date: 02.20.2008
    Name: Abi_J

    Thx for the comments, I've just updated this theme, gotta figure out how to update this site now...

     Date: 02.22.2008
    Name: Inga
    Rate: 10

    Beautiful theme, would love recyclebin plugin and maybe maching icons with it.
    Great work looking forward to seeing more themes from you

     Date: 02.22.2008
    Name: Abi_J

    I'll see what I can come up with for Trash and Icons, thx for the comment.

    I've also been notified of a couple of errors to fix, the calender and the Aston tray icons are incorrect - I don't use either so I completely forgot about them, I will fix them and release the latest version.

     Date: 02.25.2008
    Name: Fairbod
    Rate: 9

    Nice, can see you put a lot of effort into this. Well done and thank you.

     Date: 02.25.2008
    Name: Abi_J

    Thanks for the comments, Nice to know people appreciate the theme, and nice to get some ideas for future releases.

     Date: 04.07.2008
    Name: naaaneee
    Rate: 5


     Date: 01.14.2009

    how do you install this, cuz when i download them nothing happens?


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