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    08 Unleashed: Red Version by Killuminati


    08 Unleashed: Red Version


    Size: 1.20 Mb
    Downloads: 34154
    Rating: 7.70
    Comments: 15

    My first Aston Theme.
    The recommended resolutions are 1280*720 and higher, fits well with widescreens, and it looks good with light colored wallpapers. The theme is based on this abstract wallpaper by themerboy.
    Plugins: DiskEx, Amonitor, VertPanel, Aclock, VistaBTN and DcClock.
    (c) 2008 by Jerez Bain (Killuminati)


    User comments

     Date: 02.19.2008
    Rate: 10

    Awesome, I just wish I had a wide screen monitor. It seems a bit jumbled on 1280x1024. But I can't count off for limited resolutions seeing how i do the same thing ;)

     Date: 02.20.2008
    Name: Killuminati

    I have a laptop with the highest screen ress being 1440*900 so i think it only sits well on widescreens

     Date: 02.20.2008
    Name: Reaper
    Rate: 6

    It looks great but you need more resolutions 1400x900

     Date: 02.23.2008
    Name: khazmim

    merci avous

     Date: 03.08.2008
    Name: Tyler A
    Rate: 7

    I definitely love the way everything was put together in this. Two thoughts: I agree with the addition of more resolutions mine is actually 1600x1250. Also, i would be much more satisfied if there was a well-related Astamp skin; it would look infinitely better and i just like Astamp in general.

     Date: 03.11.2008
    Name: alihassan
    Rate: 5

    thts nice

     Date: 03.11.2008
    Name: azwie
    Rate: 10


     Date: 03.14.2008
    Name: tieu van hieu
    Rate: 8


     Date: 03.19.2008
    Name: ivelin

    very good

     Date: 04.13.2008
    Name: Travis
    Rate: 8

    Its great to see a widescreen theme as I've struggled with customizing many setups at 1680x1050. The only thing I'd change is the font. It's hideos imo, other than that props.

     Date: 04.24.2008
    Name: kj
    Rate: 8

    it very good

     Date: 05.31.2008
    Name: kayz
    Rate: 7

    alomst better not better or best

     Date: 10.14.2008
    Name: hary

    Date: 05.31.2008
    Name: kayz
    Rate: 7

     Date: 02.11.2009
    Name: aprk
    Rate: 8


     Date: 02.26.2009
    Name: Jorge Evora

    how do u open it my computer says it cant find the windows can any one help

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