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    Monsters, inc. by S. Lyashchevsky


    Monsters, inc.


    Size: 1.00 Mb
    Downloads: 10448
    Rating: 9.25
    Comments: 5

    Monsters, inc. : Aston Theme with AltDesk skin.

    Screen resolutions: all.

    Skinned plugins: Panel, Search, mDisks, A-Clock, TaskAmp, Vista Button and standard ones.

    For resolutions above 1024x768 you'll have to resize Search plugin or apply the second instance of Panel's

    PHOTO.BMP is an empty element looking like a part of 'My Documents' folder. Replace my portrait with yours.

    "Skins" folder contains .BOOTSKIN file. If you're using Windows XP you may replace the standard boot
    picture with this boot screen.

    Install Stardock's freeware BootSkin utility ( ) .
    Then extract MONSTERS.BOOTSKIN , doubleclick it and enjoy ;)

    There are also .PSD template and entire WinAmp skin in "Skins" folder.


    Thanks a lot to 'Monsters, inc.' movie authors for lovely characters.

    I must also thank unknown author of the picture that I've used to make my bootscreen and wallpaper.

    Happy New Year! :D


    User comments

     Date: 12.27.2007
    Name: Mad TV1!
    Rate: 7

    Ha Ha Ha Monsters inc. this is an old movie your theme look like it go on a windows 98 system not xp use a big! background next time

     Date: 12.27.2007
    Name: LILI
    Rate: 10

    this is cute i love this movie i seen it 5 times and still love it thanks for this theme

     Date: 12.28.2007
    Name: atst
    Rate: 10

    cute desktop :)

     Date: 01.09.2008
    Rate: 10


     Date: 01.12.2008
    Name: S. Lyashchevsky

    to Mad TV1!:
    1) "The Beautiful is never getting old!" ;)
    E.G. doll-animation movies by Vladislav Staryevitch are almost 100 years old but they're still REALLY amazing ones. Regardless on their age.
    2) As for Win'98/XP: What do you talk about? Which element of the Theme's looks like Win'98 ?
    to LILI: Glad to see another "Monsters" fan :) Thanks!
    But... your typing style is too similar to (Mad TV1!)'s one... ;)
    to ALL: Thanks a lot for your comment and rate.
    I beg everyone to use "human" English: with dots, commas and capital letters. People generally translate your comment from English. Therefore don't force them to decrypt your comment too, please. :)

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