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    Experimental by kakeru119



    Author: kakeru119      HomePage

    Size: 1.35 Mb
    Downloads: 31465
    Rating: 9.56
    Comments: 17

    Experimental theme for Aston Shell.
    The wallpaper was from
    (Ray of light by


    User comments

     Date: 11.23.2007
    Name: krstatzar
    Rate: 9

    Theme is awesome :)
    I'll give you 10 if you add a Panel skin.

     Date: 11.23.2007
    Name: Jason Alvarez


     Date: 11.24.2007
    Name: emecoelho
    Rate: 10

    Nice and clean!

     Date: 11.26.2007
    Name: esm


     Date: 11.26.2007
    Name: troop
    Rate: 8

    its ok but like krstatzar sead it need a panel skin

     Date: 11.28.2007
    Name: Vld
    Rate: 10

    Good. Very clean! And now I need panel skin and calendar skin.

     Date: 11.28.2007
    Name: Vld

    only panel skin, not calendar

     Date: 11.29.2007
    Name: Thiago

    niceeeeeeeee very nice design!
    Congratulations =)

     Date: 11.29.2007
    Name: Jason Alvarez

    thanks! ok i'll try to add a panel skin. :)

     Date: 11.30.2007
    Name: Jason Alvarez

    Added panel skin in Aston misc...
    Extract to plugins folder, and load settings.

    or re-download the theme.

     Date: 12.25.2007
    Name: myjestik
    Rate: 10

    great effort. it looks amazing, especially with the panel skin add on.

     Date: 01.20.2008
    Name: mariusz
    Rate: 10

    great skin, but how to change the vertical panel to horizontal?

     Date: 01.22.2008
    Rate: 9

    Great theme one I which to translate in the near future,i do not wish to change the theme, just to have everything in french.normally theres only one .bmp change, that's the start button, which i try to keep as close to the original as possible can I have your permission to do so?

     Date: 02.04.2008
    Name: Allison

    If you have downloaded this skin, but no longer wish to keep it, how do you get rid of it. I do not want to change to a different skin - i just want my computer back to how it was before, is this possible?

     Date: 04.20.2008
    Name: vlink
    Rate: 10

    Simple & beautiful :-)

     Date: 06.26.2008
    Name: LuIs

    awesome theme

     Date: 07.10.2008
    Name: Michelle
    Rate: 10

    I love it! However, I'm having trouble with the music player skin that came with it. I don't have the music player needed, and I'd really appreciate it if you could tell me where I could download it, or at least what it is.

    I apologize if I used the wrong terms or if I seem clueless, but I'm new at all this. :]

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