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    DigitaLife by Davood Abbaszade




    Size: 778 Kb
    Downloads: 12194
    Rating: 8.14
    Comments: 7

    Created in Norooz 1385 ( March 2006 )
    by Rayan Sabz CoŠ from Iran-Tabriz.

    I create this theme using PhotoImpact 10 in almost 3 weeks...
    I will be glad to recieve your comments and suggestions.

    It has an exciting glassy clock and crystal in a silver style buttons.
    Hope you like it ...


    User comments

     Date: 09.21.2007
    Name: Arthur
    Rate: 10

    Very refreshing.... Great escape from the norm.

     Date: 09.21.2007
    Name: step eye
    Rate: 3

    it good but it need more life in it

     Date: 10.04.2007
    Name: William
    Rate: 8


     Date: 11.05.2007
    Name: burnwell
    Rate: 10

    NICE work man ..... thx for the theme and keep it up :)

     Date: 04.14.2008
    Name: diRTy_DouG
    Rate: 7

    like step eye said "its good but it needs more life in it.." i think what you are missing is some digital animation.. try to add some. but dont worry ill be keeping this as my default theme its good and very nice concept just add some twist and pls. mail me if you have a newer version. i like this concept and im excited to see an animated version of it.


     Date: 07.10.2010
    Name: john
    Rate: 10

    what a great imaginative piece of artistic work.

    I hope windows are looking in

     Date: 03.11.2013
    Rate: 9

    Thanks for all, for writing your comments.
    I am going to create a second edition of my DigitaLife skin, I hope you would like it.

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