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    Navigator by S. Lyashchevsky



    Author: S. Lyashchevsky

    Size: 569 Kb
    Downloads: 26731
    Rating: 10.00
    Comments: 14

    Resolutions: 1024x768, 1280x1024, Universal.

    Plugins: Standard set, A-Monitor, Search, TaskAmp, AstAmp (playlist only), Spectrum.

    Universal Theme fits any screen but consumes a lot of memory due to enormous centered wallpaper. If you crop
    the wallpaper properly (512 px * your_monitor_height) and make it tiled you can save at least 6.5 M of RAM.


    User comments

     Date: 05.24.2007
    Name: krstatzar
    Rate: 10

    Fantastic work dude very inventive and unique perfect 10

     Date: 05.24.2007
    Name: S. Lyashchevsky

    Thanks a lot

     Date: 05.25.2007
    Name: kambiz
    Rate: 10


     Date: 05.25.2007
    Name: hardik
    Rate: 10

    hey... good work dude... thx a lot.

     Date: 05.27.2007
    Name: Nikhil Mitta
    Rate: 10

    Nice theme, and good to know that you are very conscious of RAM consumption. Anyway, can I know how much this theme takes on your machine without the wallpaper?

     Date: 05.27.2007
    Name: AleX
    Rate: 10

    Very very nice. Tnx!

     Date: 05.27.2007
    Name: S. Lyashchevsky

    To Nikhil Mitta:
    almost 15 M (after "Recycle"). ANKz animation eats too much too. The larger images are (and the more skins are used) the more memory is necessary.

    To all: Thank you for your comment and rate.

     Date: 05.31.2007
    Name: flocon


     Date: 06.12.2007
    Name: jefri
    Rate: 10

    that's is a nice one,,, nice coloring ,graphics and idea,,,

    Good Job,,

     Date: 06.13.2007
    Name: ashad patel

    it is very well themes

     Date: 06.21.2007
    Name: vlad

    it is very well themes

     Date: 07.26.2007
    Name: Blush
    Rate: 10

    It`s very good!

     Date: 09.11.2007
    Name: Lord_DaviD
    Rate: 10

    Thank you!

     Date: 08.26.2008
    Name: Fox
    Rate: 10

    It's a best theme... And it's only one where i do not change any thing

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