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    Silver Surfer by krstatzar


    Silver Surfer

    Author: krstatzar

    Size: 1.14 Mb
    Downloads: 32396
    Rating: 10.00
    Comments: 22


    Priview to the left is just my little prank:) here for larger screenshot.
    Theme is for all resolutions but note that it has 2 modes for all resolutions one for regular resolutions and the other for 16:10 wide screen (eg 1280x800,1440x900 my resolution ...)
    It includes a ton of eyecandy plugins skins (Panel,Aclock,RSS reader,amonitor,NetTraffic....) so if you don`t use them all disable
    some to save some ram.
    Please note that I placed all the skins for plugns to the left all of them are unlocked so just move them to the right place. I did that for folks with lower resolutions not to find them out of the screen area.
    I put a lot of effort in this one so I hope you Aston fans will like it :)


    User comments

     Date: 05.11.2007
    Name: Liderc
    Rate: 10

    Absolutely beautiful! Great work, krstatzar! At this point I'd say you've generated enough free keys to fill a key ring. LOL. :D

     Date: 05.11.2007
    Name: krstatzar

    Oh thanks Liderc your rate 10 is like 100 to me lol

     Date: 05.11.2007
    Name: Tuut
    Rate: 10

    Very nice theme. Great work krstatzer

     Date: 05.12.2007
    Name: Marcus
    Rate: 10

    Fantastic, an Aston theme that finally looks good on a wide screen! Kudos for days, man!

     Date: 05.13.2007
    Name: Ben A.
    Rate: 10

    Just awesome man! Keep up the great work!

     Date: 05.14.2007
    Name: raven
    Rate: 10

    i love it! awesome work.

     Date: 05.15.2007
    Rate: 10

    Great one.Bravo.absolutly fabulous.
    Merci si toutefois tu parles français.

     Date: 05.18.2007
    Name: obuffyo


     Date: 05.19.2007
    Name: hmb
    Rate: 10

    Very nice :), I really like it :)

     Date: 05.20.2007
    Name: DanDaBear
    Rate: 10

    Very nice! I hope to get as good as you at theme making! Thanks for your comments!

     Date: 05.22.2007
    Name: ahjefri
    Rate: 10

    very rare that I use skin as, I have to do my own touch to it, but for krstatzar I do minimum change if not,

    10 for my computer icon,, lol

     Date: 05.23.2007
    Name: Eli
    Rate: 10

    thanks Like silver surfer

     Date: 05.25.2007
    Rate: 10

    Sweet theme. Nice packaging too. ;)

     Date: 06.11.2007
    Name: Mo

    Ok how do you install it?

     Date: 07.09.2007
    Rate: 10

    Its Great

     Date: 07.31.2007
    Name: Mike
    Rate: 10

    Absolut Perfect!! Good work!!

     Date: 08.16.2007
    Name: marissa
    Rate: 10


     Date: 08.16.2007
    Name: marissa
    Rate: 10


     Date: 12.15.2007
    Name: John
    Rate: 10


     Date: 03.15.2008
    Name: jay
    Rate: 10
  awesome mannn....

     Date: 07.19.2008
    Name: Kalinna
    Rate: 10

    I absolutely love this one! It is great not to have to mess with the calendar dropdown from the clock; it looks perfect as it is and the silver matches the rest of my settings with Opera and everything :)

     Date: 08.04.2008
    Rate: 10

    Thank you SOOOOOOOO MUCH for the 16:10 widescreen theme!!!
    I wish there were more of them. I have only found two. If I knew how to build themes I would make a TON of widescreen themes. Anybody want to tell me where a tutorial for building themes is at? Anybody have any requests for widescreen themes? I am posting my email with this comment. Email me with your ideas and direction. I know I'll need help, but once I get the hang of it (which will most likely take less than a week), I will make widescreen themes like crazy (I am home 24/7. I am at my comp at least 14 hours per day. I'd love to put it to good use like this. I spent a pretty penny on Aston shell & Aston 2 menu system (I'll make new Aston2 themes as well once I figure out how).
    Pease and luv,
    Big Don

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