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    Aston Themes


    You have seen a cool screenshot on Aston theme pages and you want your desktop to look exactly like that.
    No problem, you can turn your desktop into masterpiece in just a few simple steps.

    1.Make sure you have Aston installed on your PC. If no, you can get it here.
    Once you have installed it you can freely apply any of the themes from Aston theme section.

    2. Click "Download" button and the download dialog will appear.

    3. Once the download dialog appears press "Open" button and the downloading will start.
    As soon as the theme is downloaded it will be automatically applied and copied to the theme folder.
    Just click "Yes" if you want to save the changes to your previous theme or "No" if you don't want to.
    That's easy!

    Or you can alternatively download the file (either by pressing "Save" button or by using any download manager),
    and double-click the file itself after the download is complete.
    The theme will be automatically applied and copied to the theme folder.

    4.Here you can choose whether you want to save the changes in the previous theme you have been using or not.
    Press "Yes" if you want to save all the things you have cutomized while using that theme
    (maybe you have added some icons or changed the wallpaper - the theme will be saved with all the tweaks you have made).
    If you press "No" the theme will be saved with its default settings.

    5. Some themes include skins for plug-ins that you might not have. In such a case this dialog will appear.
    Press "Download plug-in(s)" and the missing plug-ins will be downloaded and applied right away. Just make sure that your firewall
    (if you use one) does not block "Theme Wizard.exe".

    6. When the download of plug-in(s) is finished just press "Continue" button.

    And that's all! You can enjoy more than 500 unique themes made by professional designers and Aston enthusiasts.
    You can easily switch the themes with the help of the Theme Wizard any time you want to change the look and feel of your desktop.
    Theme Wizard

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