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    Big Aero by krstatzar


    Big Aero

    Author: krstatzar      HomePage

    Size: 20 Kb
    Downloads: 18425
    Rating: 9.25
    Comments: 4

    Inspired by Windows7 taskbar style and Vista glass again :)
    In order to make it look like on screenshot go to "Advanced options" and set the icon size to 32x32.
    I think in this case bigger is better:)
    Didn't include any buttons since I think beauty of this skin is in its simplicity :) (use the right-click!)
    Have fun!


    User comments

     Date: 07.31.2009
    Name: Nicole Wells
    Rate: 10

    Excellent skin.

    I liked it so much I made a smaller one using the default 16x16 icon size to match.

     Date: 12.17.2010
    Name: Bhirange Gopal
    Rate: 8


     Date: 10.28.2011
    Name: Jara
    Rate: 9

    I like the simplicity. Big Aeor is configuration rich; orientation, icon size, etc. It is just a great skin. But I use it for a particular functionality. No Altdesk skins provide a place for the Desktop names, Altdesk is quite crippled for navigation. This is the only skin I can 'kludge' to allow me to navigate my 80 desktops.

    It would be great if the skin grid could read in a data set of the names and populate the grid with them. Leaving it to the designer how to show/hide these in their grid design. Adding reading the name of the current desktop for the grid to highlight it (or other decoration) would be nice. These two would make Altdesk more usable.

    Here is the crude navigation I seem forced to invent... One of my desktops is called "Desktop Management". It is on the upper right of the Big Aero (Horizontal) grid. (My grid "lives" in the upper right corner of my upper right corner 24" monitor (one of 4). The background On that desktop (covers 4 monitors as one) has a graphic with all the desktop names listed to fit into the Aero Cells, and positioned so it will be centered under the Big Aero skin when on. When I need to select a desktop from the 8x16 grid of 80 desktop names, I simply go to the upper right corner cell (named Desktop Mgmt) and click. The grid then shows the Desktop Mgmt name in that cell and all the other cells "populated" with the right names 'on' them. I then just select a desktop by name from the Big Aeor grid and click.

    I'd like better but Altdesk has a fairly limiting vision behind the usability features. A common myopia in programmers. and Yes, i are one.

    - Jara

    "The reasonable man adapts himself to the conditions that surround him...
    The unreasonable man adapts surrounding conditions to himself...
    All progress depends on the unreasonable man."

    - George Bernard Shaw

     Date: 05.27.2013
    Name: Jonathan
    Rate: 10

    Really the best theme!

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