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    Themes for Aston



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    Matrix (ReLoaded 4 Fun)

    Author:      HomePage

    Size: 283 Kb
    Downloads: 99329
    Rating: 8.48
    Comments: 53

    New Matrix theme for Astonshell v1.82 or higher

    Had a lot of fun with this, LOL :)

    Very funny wallpaper by timshinn [Link]

    ohhh, failed to contact with him, because he on holiday vacation
    now ... heh :)
    hope he will not be against this theme :) anyway, I contacted with
    him and waiting for his arriving ;)

    theme incude my skin for rainlendar

    enjoy :)





    Author:      HomePage

    Size: 420 Kb
    Downloads: 72761
    Rating: 8.33
    Comments: 17

    Azure theme for Astonshell 1.82 or higher.
    This theme based on ambient wallpaper by very talanted adni18 ([Link])
    Main features:
    - Very calming and nice sky-blue colours
    - Smooth shapes
    - Skins for all popular plug-ins (yep, and for quick launch too !)
    - Skin for rainlendar
    - Animated icon (not many, want to keep small size)
    - Many more ... ;)
    Installation: unpack all files to AstonThemes folder
    Special thanks to Nikos aka 'adni18' and Roman aka 'RomanfOsadchy'.
    all permissions in zip





    Author:      HomePage

    Size: 808 Kb
    Downloads: 27968
    Rating: 9.63
    Comments: 11

    Stinger - an exellent shiny green and smooth metal coloured theme for Aston 1.82 or

    watch out green ball icons on the top left - it's my exlusive work :) and bottom icons nicely
    animated with effect like in Object Dock prog
    + great rainlendar skin by

    You will like this one, I'm sure !!!

    Based on 'stinger' skinpack by, big thanks and my compliments to this team !!!
    Also big thanks to RomanOsadchy !!!

    Use 'stinger' window blinds and winamp for more deep effect !!! Can be available on

    Note : this theme not contain all 'stinger' icons, which I made. Other two (or more,
    maybe in future, if u like it) can be found on ( in section Icons. You
    can see them on screenshot.
    Sorry, it all because I have a limit in size for uploaded file :'(




    Longhorn E L I T E

    Author:      HomePage

    Size: 657 Kb
    Downloads: 256448
    Rating: 9.39
    Comments: 61

    New HIGH quality theme especially for Aston 1.82
    This theme based on Longhorn, new operating system from Microsoft,which
    will come in 2005.
    I tried to do exellent looking theme with main features of Longhorn and Aston vers. 1.82 and useability ... :)
    Here some features of this theme :

    - Some new experiments with *.ank files, which u can see there.
    - Mini top-panel (just bored of big buttons and done something very small)
    - Longhorn styled wallpaper (made by me)
    - Longhorn styled clock
    - Absolutely new for me style in toolbars
    - Used very cool icons by talanted author (with his permission, of coz)
    - Skin for Rainlendar will be soon, but u can use skin from 'XP prime' theme
    - Experiments with shadow in top panel plugin, which can be used for doing text inserted in button or beveled. Looks very cool and pretty!
    I decided to do bottom placed taskbar, because of many errors with left placed taskbar in Aston
    and i think that bottom taskbar more useful ;) . It's your choice. If u want taskbar on left or have questions, plz send me a note on my homepage on DA or
    write in comments, but not in e-mail plz , coz I have some troubles with my mail server :(
    P.s. : great thanks for mormegil, whose icons I used and for all who wrote me thankful letters ( especially to 'eyes-only' ).
    Sorry, but I cannot reply to you all, but I can say ' Thank You ' in comment and I do it !!! Thank You !!! And also thanks
    to all russian artists, who doing themes for Aston (personally thanks to Roman Osadchy). And, finally, big, heartful thanks to all Gladiators team for their great stuff !!!
    (c) 2003 Eugeny Chernov aka 'frozzzen'





    Author: Dmitry Prosvirnin      HomePage

    Size: 1.08 Mb
    Downloads: 58183
    Rating: 9.64
    Comments: 19

    Great theme for Aston 1.8.2.
    Resolution: 800x600 and 1024x768 Only!
    Other resolutions soon!

    -ank files
    -skin for TopPanel plugin
    -skin for AltDesk
    -template files

    Note: "desktop elements" aren't for a slow computers!!!

    Enjoy it.




    Ocean Morning v1

    Author:      HomePage

    Size: 549 Kb
    Downloads: 160854
    Rating: 9.72
    Comments: 52

    Ocean Morning v. 1.0 by Roman Osadchy.
    Res: 1024x768, 1152x864, 1280x1024.

    Ocean theme is one of my favorite. I was really
    amazed when i saw "Ocean Morning Big" wall
    by Ds Marius aka As3roth ([link]).
    So I decided (with kind author's permissions)
    to make Aston theme for it.

    April 23 notes:
    Added Rainlendar ( [link] ) skin

    My thanks go to: Gladiators Software,
    Ds Marius aka As3Roth, Maxim Kolesnikov aka McSIMM,
    Frozzzen & Steve Baker. All Aston thememakers.

    Great Respect to Smanic for his help!

    Best regards,
    Roman Osadchy.

    Installation: unpack all files to Themes folder.
    For more details view Readme.txt file.




    My KDE

    Author:      HomePage

    Size: 439 Kb
    Downloads: 71338
    Rating: 8.55
    Comments: 11

    Absolutely new styled and designed KDE theme for Aston.

    This theme is my attempt to create something unusual and original
    but still pretty, useful and comfortable in work ... Hope you will like it !!!

    Feel free to mail me, if u have any questions.

    (c) 2003 frozzzen




    aqua forever

    Author:      HomePage

    Size: 246 Kb
    Downloads: 36945
    Rating: 9.43
    Comments: 8

    New aqua-styled theme for Aston.
    mmm, Aqua style is my favourite.

    This is my best theme ever. I created it very long time ...
    Now it finished !!! All by me. Very useful and pretty. Hope you'll like it ...

    Any questions ?

    P.S. : Great thanks to Smanic, Roman Osadchy and for all, who likes my works ...





    Author: mcsimm

    Size: 453 Kb
    Downloads: 28762
    Rating: 0.00
    Comments: 0

    Well. Updating of my old theme for Aston 1.8
    Idea of elements by Dangeruss.

    New plugins, icons, fonts and skin for AltDesk.
    Have a good time!





    Author: Smanic

    Size: 802 Kb
    Downloads: 102075
    Rating: 9.56
    Comments: 19

    updated My Aqua theme for Aston 1.8
    1024x768 res only

    new *.ank files
    new skin for TopPanel plugin
    new mac system icons
    new skin for AstWa plugin
    new skin for DCClock
    skin for ALtdesk

    more about this theme in readme file



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