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    Themes for Aston



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    Author:      HomePage

    Size: 327 Kb
    Downloads: 99917
    Rating: 9.09
    Comments: 33

    'AquazZz' theme for Aston shell 1.91 or higher by frozzzen...
    Resolution: any

    Aston v1.91 or higher is required.

    Used icons by mormegil (with permission of course).

    Skin for rainlendar you can get here: [Link]

    Hope you like it!





    Author:      HomePage

    Size: 59 Kb
    Downloads: 62737
    Rating: 9.53
    Comments: 20

    The collective consciousness has urged AstonShell themers everywhere to make sterile white
    themes, and this is my entry.

    This theme includes my first cursors - not that bad of an experience (although the cursors are
    very basic).

    AstonAmp, Desktop clock, AltDesk, Panel, toolbars, main menu, and quicklaunch are all skinned,
    and a 1024x768 wallpaper is included.

    BTW: an autoclave is a device that uses high pressure and temperature to sterilize solutions,
    hardware, or media.




    Crystal Fusion ...Customizer Final Editi

    Author:      HomePage

    Size: 1.07 Mb
    Downloads: 70427
    Rating: 9.68
    Comments: 61

    This theme is a special edition of Crystal Fusion theme for AstonShell. The Wallpaper is used with original author's permission.....(permission obtained look in the txt file for the text).
    Original resolution : 1024x768px only!!!.
    This theme was made after finding the great Wallpaper made by Axistrizero A.K.A ARNOLD RAMIREZ : [Link] Called Customizer Final Wich approaches the design and color sheme of my theme

    I was very happy whene Arnold told me that he is Ok about adding his great wallpaper in my Special edition of this theme....the entire work took too much longer then i supposed.but the result will talk by himself about the great skill of Arnold!!

    Thanks to Arnold Ramirez for his great wallpaper.
    Thanks to Taras Brizitsky that helped me a lot from the beginning.
    Thanks To Roman Osadchy.
    Thanks to PC_Mechanic and Veratil from Astonshell Forum Community for advices.
    Thanks again to Gladiator Software for the great work they made...

    Special thanks to you buddys for downloading all this stuff.

    Find more cool stuff at :
    Write me at : nerio450[at] i'll be happy to help you!!!

    Specially dedicated to:
    Sacrat, Birdie from AUR, Velda, Pc_Mechanic, Veratil, Drumbo,MrBiotech, and Frozzzen. these are the great designers of aston....





    Author:      HomePage

    Size: 465 Kb
    Downloads: 102634
    Rating: 8.93
    Comments: 33

    Duality theme for Aston 1.91 and above
    (minimum required version is 1.90, 1.91 is preferred; will not work with earlier versions)
    by SacRat/A.R.T.;
    created with some additional help from other A.R.T. team members and volunteers.

    Duality is the very first theme, created for Aston 1.9.1 and using most of its new features (new Default theme was started many months later).
    A result of my efforts in creating an eye-candy and easy to use theme for Aston, Duality is probably the best theme for daily use. Creating and testing this theme took more, than half a year. For these months it has been redesigned from the scratch for about five times.

    -Nice looking and easy to use interface;
    -New Panel plugin allows you to configure your own elements set without breaking anything in design and without a need to define each element's skin manually;
    -All basic Aston elements (Toolbars, Taskbar, Tray, QL, Tray Clock, etc...) are skinned;
    -All popular plugins (Panel, AClock, Disks2, Weather, Resource Monitor...) are skinned;
    -Original package includes AltDesk and Rainmeter skins;
    -Optimized for 1280x1024 resolution, other resolutions should work as well;

    Greets to the following people (in no special order):
    Nick Egorov, Eric Waldman, Rich Kulesus, Scarabee Scara, Dmitry Prosvirnin, Mary Gileva and all other guys and girls, who helped me with their ideas, suggestions and bug reports ;)

    read included readme.txt for details.





    Author:      HomePage

    Size: 1.88 Mb
    Downloads: 159083
    Rating: 9.49
    Comments: 80

    Argh! It's finally done!

    Make sure you have downloaded, installed, and activated the following plugins from Aston's site: AstAmp, Aston Clock, Top Panel, and (optionally) Zcommand.

    Includes a simple AltDesk skin to match the top bar.

    NOTICE: The screenshot contains a RAINLENDAR skin and a RAINMETER skin.
    Rainlendar skin: [Link]
    Rainmeter skin: [Link]
    Sysmetrix skin: [Link]
    If you can't find RAINMETER or RAINLENDAR through a google search, then I can't (won't) be of much assistance if you write.

    Works for the following resolutions:

    Dedicated to the community that makes skinning fun, noteably, Slimm03, Smanic, SacRat, Gothmog-Hatebringer, (E)Strup, patroN, Biden, Frozzzen, Chinaman, Brihana25, DJenerativ, and Patches.





    Author:      HomePage

    Size: 757 Kb
    Downloads: 43040
    Rating: 9.38
    Comments: 11

    *1024x768, higher res will lead to alot of repositioning but can be done

    *Thanks go out to kmr for letting me use his icons

    *Check read-me for theme details




    Nondisjunction for AstonShell/Altdesk

    Author:      HomePage

    Size: 662 Kb
    Downloads: 101973
    Rating: 9.33
    Comments: 44

    Port of my LiteStep theme, 1024x768 res only for now.

    RAINMETER and RAINLENDAR skins included, download them at
    [Link] AstAmp, AClock, TopPanel, and taskbar schmacky also skinned.
    Make sure you have these installed and activated.





    Author:      HomePage

    Size: 613 Kb
    Downloads: 77315
    Rating: 9.30
    Comments: 19

    Port of my LS theme of same name. Taskbar, toolbars, QuickLaunch, TaskbarClock, Desktop, AstAmp, AClock, and TopPanel skinned. Make sure you have these plugins downloaded and installed

    The theme that almost converted me to Mac.




    N-SyS eXTaZy

    Author:      HomePage

    Size: 1.00 Mb
    Downloads: 226150
    Rating: 9.80
    Comments: 158

    N-SyS eXTaZy theme for Aston shell by frozzzen...
    Resolution: any...

    Theme based on very impressive and beautiful wallpaper 'Narcosys' by Demix ft. Bliz...

    Worked on it about 3 monthes, totally 554 layers in photoshop file...

    Skin for calendar, shown on screenshot u can find in the folder with theme. You will need the 'Rainlendar' prog to use it. If you want some more colour schemes for rainlendar skin, visit
    this link: [Link] Hope you will like it...

    Dont forget to read the Readme.txt file!
    Thx to A.R.T. team for help and advices...





    Author:      HomePage

    Size: 405 Kb
    Downloads: 129080
    Rating: 8.72
    Comments: 38

    1024x768 port of my Seq LiteStep theme, with extras. It's a work in progress: additional shortcuts and desktop elements to come.



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