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    ”The Cell” skin for AMonitor by Haibane Izumi


    ”The Cell” skin for AMonitor


    Size: 22 Kb
    Downloads: 16349
    Rating: 6.83
    Comments: 7

    I discovered Aston Shell a week ago. Was shocked. Now here is my first work. I liked "The Cell" theme a lot but it lacks the AMonitor skin (I always need to look at my ul/dl speed). So i made it. Hope it would be useful for someone...

    To install this skin:
    1) Add Aston Monitor plug-in. (Settings...->Plug-ins->Add->type a path to AMon)
    2) Then press "Setup plug-in"
    3) Choose Files->Load Settings->choose cellmon.apc
    4) Enjoy! ^_^


    User comments

     Date: 04.15.2004
    Name: ant
    Rate: 8

    excellent design, however i do have a sugesstion...make the text invert over the indicator bars, because with white text and RAM @ 100% it makes it impossible to read, so i had to limit the frame count to 1 so i could see what my current memory was...

    8 for design though, very nice looking skin :)

     Date: 06.19.2004
    Name: cc
    Rate: 10

    very nice, good to see effot going into all parts o a skin, sits perfect with my cell skin!

     Date: 07.03.2004
    Name: :(

    i dont understand how to use it :(

    1) Add Aston Monitor plug-in. (Settings...->Plug-ins->Add->type a path to AMon)

     Date: 08.17.2004
    Name: z0det
    Rate: 4

    U can´t se what i says :S

     Date: 03.27.2005
    Name: uNkN0wN
    Rate: 10


    I wish you make more plug-in skins for The Cell as it's my favourite theme and I've been using it for a long long time now

     Date: 09.11.2005
    Name: axedude
    Rate: 8

    Pretty cool plugin.
    Though I don't seem to be able to get any ram reading beside 0. (I've got 639 Mb of Ram) does anyone else get that problem?

     Date: 09.14.2005
    Name: |Organism 28|
    Rate: 1

    Now where in the hell should I get AMonitor from? It's not in Aston and I cant find it on the net. THIS GETS A 1 FROM ME BECAUSE I CANT USE IT!

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