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    SpongeBob SquarePants by krstatzar


    SpongeBob SquarePants

    Author: krstatzar      HomePage

    Size: 2.32 Mb
    Downloads: 37527
    Rating: 8.50
    Comments: 7

    This is awesome theme if you are SpongeBob SquarePants fan. For kids or adults really nice way to bring your desktop to life :)
    Theme is fully animated and if you have ideas on improving this theme feedback is welcome.

    All copyright belong to neckelodeon so visit for more Spongebob stuff.

    And yet again I have used a special icons for the dock (toolbar) If you want to have those follow next steps:
    Download this special icons
    - Go to your Aston Instal folder usually it is
    "c:\Program Files\Aston2\Icons\Folders\"
    - Backup (copy to safe location)following files: tools.ico,office.ico,internet.ico,games.ico,design.ico,addfolder.anic
    - Extract the downloaded icons to same location and overwrite the existing icons
    - You will see the results next time you start your system, or just restart for faster results


    User comments

     Date: 07.04.2012
    Name: TiiNiiko

    cool theme, but this big icons mkes it shit, reduce it size

     Date: 07.04.2012
    Name: forzalia
    Rate: 10

    Joli theme. Merci beaucoup.

     Date: 09.05.2012
    Name: Aslam
    Rate: 6


     Date: 03.17.2013
    Name: mana
    Rate: 8

    nice 1

     Date: 07.18.2013
    Name: hanieh

    very good

     Date: 01.03.2015
    Name: madjid

    mrc tres fort

     Date: 02.03.2017
    Name: Abdullah
    Rate: 10

    awesome theme

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