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    Mac OSX meets Aston (Win7 Style) by krstatzar


    Mac OSX meets Aston (Win7 Style)

    Author: krstatzar      HomePage

    Size: 494 Kb
    Downloads: 37878
    Rating: 7.67
    Comments: 12

    This is version of Mac OSX meets Aston has more Windows 7 style but it is less true to original Mac. You just cannot have it all :)
    Always wanted to see how it would look and finally found some time to make this cool desktop. If you want Mac get one but if you want to have some fun and taste a bit of OSX (Lion) try this theme.

    On the screenshot you can see I have used some special icons for the toolbar (dock). If you want to have those follow next steps:
    - Download this special icons
    - Go to your Aston Instal folder usually it is
    "c:\Program Files\Aston2\Icons\Folders\"
    - Backup (copy to safe location)following files: tools.ico,office.ico,internet.ico,games.ico,design.ico,addfolder.anic
    - Extract the downloaded icons to same location and overwrite the existing icons
    - You will see the results next time you start your system, or just restart for faster results
    Icons are not made by me they are free for use I just added the reflection to make them more Mac like.

    Have fun


    User comments

     Date: 04.03.2012
    Name: beso031
    Rate: 10

    nicw 1, you always make cool themes!

     Date: 04.03.2012
    Name: forzalia
    Rate: 10

    Ooops oublié le rating.Desoleé

     Date: 05.24.2012
    Name: ibrar
    Rate: 10

    this wallpaper is very beautfull

     Date: 07.28.2012
    Name: marx
    Rate: 6

    I cant deactivate launch bar on this theme. The top rigth option corner is not there. Please fix it or is there other way to delete the launch bar?

     Date: 07.30.2012
    Name: Support

    marx, right-click on the launch bar and un-check the 'lock widgets' option in the context menu

     Date: 08.27.2012

    very nice

     Date: 02.11.2013
    Name: dilip ojha

    so very butifull

     Date: 03.11.2013
    Name: ishu agrawal

    how to dawnload this theam

     Date: 05.25.2013

    this wallpaper is very beautfull

     Date: 05.29.2013
    Rate: 5


     Date: 06.07.2013
    Name: dao

    good i like it

     Date: 06.14.2013
    Rate: 5

    it's good.

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