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    Hacker's Lair by krstatzar


    Hacker's Lair

    Author: krstatzar      HomePage

    Size: 950 Kb
    Downloads: 91547
    Rating: 9.46
    Comments: 20

    One ultra cool hacker style theme. Yes "falling code" animation looks similar to Matrix but that is not what I had in mind. Matrix was cool back in 1999 and 2000 and such themes was not possible then so some small tribute is ok I guess. Anyway I hope you will enjoy this theme.

    I dunno who made the wallpaper - credits to the unknown author!

    Check out large 1920x1080px screenshot

    Have fun!


    User comments

     Date: 01.25.2011
    Name: Fugsnarf
    Rate: 9

    Very sexy. Glad to see you used the futuristic computer-like theme after all. My only problem is that the background isn't animated. That may be asking a bit too much though :)

     Date: 01.25.2011
    Name: krstatzar

    Yes in future I might add animated background, I am seriously considering that.

     Date: 01.26.2011
    Name: forzalia
    Rate: 10

    Superbe création,comme d habitude!! Merci beaucoup.

     Date: 01.28.2011
    Name: Renee
    Rate: 8

    Really nice looking!

     Date: 01.28.2011
    Name: Eddie
    Rate: 10

    I have just purchased aston2 purely because of this theme. Perfect with green menu text and really cool design. Thanks krstatzar.

     Date: 02.09.2011
    Name: IsBarb
    Rate: 10

    WOW!!!!! This is the most perfect theme ever!! Thank you!!!

     Date: 03.16.2011
    Name: sameh
    Rate: 10

    thank you

     Date: 04.10.2011
    Name: anton


     Date: 05.07.2011
    Name: pran


     Date: 05.12.2011
    Name: rakesh
    Rate: 10

    it is nice

     Date: 06.15.2011

    Hmm animated background is "might" not good idea the system will lag rofl

     Date: 06.15.2011
    Name: Aero Ikari
    Rate: 10

    BTW Perfect i love your theme rofl

     Date: 06.27.2011
    Name: Cyber
    Rate: 8

    every thing is ok

     Date: 07.16.2011
    Name: mohsin
    Rate: 9

    its very nice and atteractive theme...i realyy love this theme.

     Date: 10.09.2011
    Name: Md Ezaz

    Its a cool theme

     Date: 11.06.2011
    Name: ken11

    nice style

     Date: 04.15.2012
    Name: minh

    Good Luck

     Date: 04.27.2012
    Name: pratyush
    Rate: 10

    this is the theme i was searching for

     Date: 07.07.2012
    Name: Justine Rain
    Rate: 10

    Pls till me how to install this, I can't extract it using Winrar,,, what do I do, I'm new PC user,,,?

     Date: 11.14.2012
    Rate: 9

    hmm its good. I love it.

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