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    Snow Leopard by krstatzar


    Snow Leopard

    Author: krstatzar      HomePage

    Size: 1.14 Mb
    Downloads: 51777
    Rating: 9.55
    Comments: 15

    Snow Leopard Theme - got nothing to do with Mac OS!
    I think I somewhere saw similar start button so in that way maybe not that original theme but everything else is fresh and ...well interesting.

    Check out how it looks in full screen

    Cool matching widgets and rich texture theme. Have fun.


    User comments

     Date: 12.29.2010
    Rate: 8

    Excellent! The wallpaper's a little off for my monitor; it ends up a little blurry.

     Date: 12.29.2010
    Name: krstatzar

    About wallpaper, you can get some other cool snow leopard wallpaper :)

     Date: 12.30.2010

    Yep. Even though this is not related to Apple in any way, they have plenty of awesome HD snow leopard wallpaper :p

     Date: 01.01.2011
    Name: nierewa
    Rate: 10

    Another great work.
    Krstatzar you're the man :-)

     Date: 01.03.2011
    Name: nierewa

    I've got one question.
    You use a compact startmenue.
    Is it possible to change to "normal" startmenue?

     Date: 01.03.2011
    Name: krstatzar

    You can try this version.
    Download and apply this and tell me what do you think.

     Date: 01.04.2011
    Name: nierewa
    Rate: 10

    You earned 10 points :-)

     Date: 01.05.2011
    Name: Chuck
    Rate: 10

    Fantastic! You are the King of A2 Themes my friend! A 10 for sure!

     Date: 01.14.2011
    Name: Sheimi492
    Rate: 10

    Really awesome theme! Snow leopards are so beautiful, thank you for making this!

     Date: 01.15.2011
    Rate: 8

    very good theme

     Date: 01.15.2011
    Name: Rob
    Rate: 9

    Excellent theme you put together.
    Only sometimes, the widgets don't appear when I move my cursor to the edge of the screen when they are set to auto hide. But overall great.

     Date: 01.17.2011
    Name: dbear
    Rate: 10

    Really excellent theme, Krstatzar - very elegant work. This one is very easy to look at and I'll probably be using it for long periods.

     Date: 01.21.2011
    Name: forzalia
    Rate: 10

    Magnifique!! Splendide travail comme d habitude. Un grand merci

     Date: 03.26.2011
    Name: heikki jesse
    Rate: 10

    very nice
    i like soo much

     Date: 08.17.2012
    Name: Evgeny
    Rate: 10

    strong theme

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