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    Titanium by krstatzar



    Author: krstatzar      HomePage

    Size: 502 Kb
    Downloads: 45006
    Rating: 9.38
    Comments: 10

    Titanium theme.
    Theme includes many cool features with some great animations.
    Spent many hours on polishing widgets but it was worth it.
    This theme would not be so cool without the help of Gladiators. Suggestions ideas and bug fixes from Nick, Dimpal and Vitaly were crucial for the coolness of this theme.

    Special thanks to Vitaly for the great wallpaper he made for this theme.

    Larger screenshot and more info on this theme



    User comments

     Date: 08.12.2010
    Name: Chuck
    Rate: 10

    Oh Yeah! New theme! Now I will use Aston again! May I say that this is a 10! Fantastic work. Love it! I can tell that you did put a lot of work into it.

     Date: 08.13.2010
    Name: Jefri
    Rate: 10

    That was really cool theme,, nice, neat love it,, an excellent Job,,

     Date: 08.15.2010
    Name: MASTER Q
    Rate: 10

    Real Nice work (MASTER krstatzar) ... i love to make more Astonshell theme but my HTML skills are limited to(? what this) i use Adobe Photoshop CS3.. for my work. Astonshell 1.9 skinning is all i know for now...but i like to learn more.. and i love to see a ZIP or a RAR package on how to use this new astonshell theme makeing program step by step easy way to make themes.. Then You See What i can Do with it... Thank You...and ...--->STAY COOL<---...

     Date: 08.15.2010
    Name: MASTER Q

    OK i got the files i will try my best to make a new theme..:D

     Date: 08.18.2010
    Name: Jeff..
    Rate: 10

    Those were the days, when I used to make a theme matching my windowblinds in an hour,,

    Not any more, aston 2 is by far complex

     Date: 08.18.2010
    Name: krstatzar

    Huge thanks for good rating.
    Yes and those days will come again..when..hmm..hope this year :)

     Date: 08.27.2010
    Name: nierewa
    Rate: 10

    Great work.
    Hope a skinmaking software released soon :-)

     Date: 10.15.2010
    Rate: 5

    nice...very nice..

     Date: 04.15.2011
    Name: Colmar
    Rate: 10

    The best and worked from all presented here themes! 10 from 10!!!

     Date: 02.25.2013
    Name: Anjelique
    Rate: 10

    hey very nice theme but need help...with what can i open it and how it works... plss need help thx 10 rate 4 a nice ideea

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