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    Solar Aston 1280x1024 by haxer


    Solar Aston 1280x1024

    Author:      HomePage

    Size: 352 Kb
    Downloads: 39536
    Rating: 9.00
    Comments: 14

    So... been working on this for a while. Made for bokonon at the Aston forums. Special thanks to: Lidrec, Kess, Veratil, krstatzar, BillW50, nerio, mikeblue, and mrbiotech for all the help and support.

    There are a few things I should mention about this theme. First of all, around each planet, there is an animated icon, you can make it open any program or whatever. There is one issue with the icon for Saturn. There is a width limit on animated icons, so only 3/4ths of the icon show up. However, if you think it looks like poo you can change it to either be always showing, or never showing. (right click and go to element properties)

    Resolution is 1280x1024. I will make a 1024x768 version as soon as I get the energy.

    Also, thanks to unknown author of wallpaper.


    User comments

     Date: 01.16.2008
    Name: bokonon
    Rate: 10

    Haxer...I don't know what to say. You have outdone yourself. This theme is so clean, and simple...yet dynamic. Bravo my friend...bravo
    I can't thank you enough.

     Date: 01.16.2008
    Name: krstatzar
    Rate: 10

    Hey it was worth waiting :)

     Date: 01.16.2008

    @bokonon: You are welcome, and maybe after a brief respite I can work on an atom theme. And thank you for the praise. :)

    @krstatzar: Thank you too.

     Date: 01.18.2008
    Name: spaceman
    Rate: 10

    I am in space business - so this theme is just what I was waiting for to decorate my desktop! Nice work - 10 points!

    @ JAIN: everyone has certainly the right to come foreward with his free opinion - however, what you are doing obviously seems like a destructice act: you are downrating this theme without even giving a justification! It's neiter fair against the author nor polite against the other users of this website! I stumbled over this theme because of its good rating which you pushed from 10 to 7! Shame on you!

     Date: 01.18.2008
    Name: HEAVY


     Date: 01.18.2008

    Thanks spaceman!

    (Even though the Aston guys removed Jani's post I know what you were talking about and I have been thinking that about soooo many skinners's themes. Thanks for the support. It is nice that the Aston folks behind the scenes try to regulate this phenomenon as much as possible.)

     Date: 01.19.2008
    Name: as


     Date: 01.20.2008
    Name: bibo

    very goooooood>>>thanks

     Date: 01.24.2008
    Name: abcd
    Rate: 10


     Date: 01.31.2008
    Name: Veratil

    Holy crap you finished it. Good job!

     Date: 02.01.2008

    Thanks Veratil :)

     Date: 02.12.2008
    Name: papa

    i need to do and downlond some

     Date: 04.03.2008
    Name: megan
    Rate: 5

    this themes is stupid. "Solar Aston" just call it space you suck man big time!! >:P

     Date: 02.20.2009

    Wow megan you are just too kind.

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