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    Digital Control by Dmitry Prosvirnin


    Digital Control

    Author: Dmitry Prosvirnin

    Size: 260 Kb
    Downloads: 44917
    Rating: 8.86
    Comments: 7

    My first work of this year.
    Theme includes skin for AltDesk, special skinable clock, some elements, special font Ast126. Resolution 1024x768.


    User comments

     Date: 02.08.2003
    Name: jdx45
    Rate: 8

    except for the too tiny fonts for the aston manager etc links on the desktop, this is a totally khewl skin. Match it with similar skins for winamp, trillian and opera and you have real chicness ;)

     Date: 03.19.2003
    Rate: 10

    HI :)

    The Theme looks very very nice. The Wallpaper looks great.

    Can you contact me with email ? i want to know how to do those nice wallpapers.

    I hope to here from you soon :)

     Date: 04.10.2003
    Rate: 10

    This wallpaper is Sinkha???
    I like Marco Patrito works...
    This theme is cool.

     Date: 06.01.2004
    Name: Kaleva
    Rate: 10

    Very Nice Dmitry.

     Date: 06.24.2004
    Name: LordReaper
    Rate: 6

    I don't like this one but i still gave a 6 for ur work :)

     Date: 07.09.2004
    Name: Burner
    Rate: 8

    It's cool :D
    i like it

     Date: 09.05.2004
    Name: WebDwarf
    Rate: 10

    This is great! Used with AstAmp & Rainlander, it's perfect!

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